Cook: No-Fry Tuna Croquettes

I was posting a recipe on inthewok and I saw this recipe which made me start drooling, I just happen to have the ingredient at home too. Eliminated the milk and cheese as I’m not a dairy lover.

You will need:
1 medium potato
1 onion, sliced
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1/4 can mayonnaise tuna
1 tsp dried Italian parsley
2 cups cracker crumbs
1 eggs, beaten lightly

1. Boil potato till soft.

2. While the potato is still boiling, toast onions till browned at the edges.

3. Remove skin from potato, add in parsley, salt and pepper. Mash with a fork.

4. Add in mayonnaise, tuna and onions. Mix well.

5. Crush crackers into fine crumbs, I used this brand of crackers. My crumbs are not fine enough. To crush crackers, just put them into a plastic bag, get any container and start crushing.

6. Roll mixture into patties. Dust with crumbs, dip into egg and roll again in breadcrumbs.

7. Lay patties on tray, toast in toaster or oven until the crumbs are brown.

8. Serve!

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