Christmas in Orchard!

Boyfriend took half day off today and we went to Chinatown to book our flight tickets to Taiwan! Woohoo! So happy! Love boyfriend loads! =P

I had a big meat bun for dinner, it’s only $1.50 and very filling. Kind of salty though.

While boyfriend had an enormous bowl of noodles for only $4.80. We could have shared that if I didn’t buy the bun.

Met Puss In Boots and boyfriend found a special drink at carrefour!

Off we go to Orchard after the movie. I’ve got my camera now!

Eat non-stop.

Orchard central has many pink x’mas deco.

Still eating…

No, I’m not going to give you my chicken wing.

Sending my wishlist to Santa.

Pretty tree.

Ahh… those heavy eye bags.

Hoping that it will show in Taiwan.

Evian for you?

Pink tree!

Imagine if I’m an Victoria Secret girl. *Giggles* Joking, I don’t have such good figure.

It’s snowing in there!

You’ve got mail~!


Waiting for boyfriend…

While he buys newspaper.

Sorry, it’s us again.

Nothing much in 313.

We notice something from far… big fire burning.

Walking over to the scene and I quickly snap this.


And more fireman. One of Tiffany n Co’s tree has gone down.

To paragon!

One of the must visit deco this year, they’ve got carousel.

Nice horsey~

And elephants too.

Random shots.

Lucky plaza.


Elephants for sale.

Angry bird elephant.

Eating again. Haha!

The tree outside ION.

Huge snowglobes.

There are trains moving inside.


And reindeers.

More elephants.

Want to bring this one home!

The branded elephant is right inside LV.

That’s all for now. Bye!

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