A trip on Sentosa.

We got ticket to Sentosa which we brought from Groupon. $38 (Worth $72) per person for 2-Way Cable Car Ride, Maritime Museum, Segway Fun Ride, Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom, Bird Feeding, and Sarpino’s Pizza and Fries.

It was a really good deal.

Please do not mind my erm… nail polish? I was way, way, way~ too lazy to remove.

Saw this cool-looking caterpillar, it looks like its glowing. Cute, isn’t it?

I took pictures on our way to Harbourfront.

I love leaning on to boyfriend. =)

Shappo is coming together with us too!

My boyfriend is excited with his first cable car trip.

Going up to level 15 of the building.

Waiting for our turn.

Can’t wait!

Lots of cable cars.

We’re in! =)

You’ll see the cruise ships.

Strong wind coming in from the windows.

Views from the cable car.

One more picture before we get down the cable car.

I saw a squirrel.

Started with the Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom and Bird Feeding.

Butterflies in pupa and that one has gained its freedom.

Many butterflies around.

Through another door.

There are parrots for the bird feeding session but it was too crowded so we are coming back later.


Bird with pretty feathers.

Then there are bugs… rhino beetle.

bugs… stag beetle.

and more other bugs. Can’t remember what beetle this is.


Smaller spiders.


Stick insect.

The leaf insect is much harder to find.

Nice waterfall.

Then there are a lot of dead butterflies and insects, I will just highlight many of my favourites. Hahaha!

I call these the leaf butterflies.

Jeweled beetles.

Gold and sliver beetles.

The region with the most beautiful butterflies.

Just look at the prints!

Iron armored beetles.

Bronze armored beetle.

With sugar crusted bugs.


Don’t worry, I’ve been busy taking lots of pictures to share with everyone.

This has a lot of colourful beetles, mint was my favourite.

Nice blue.

Bright blue.

The outline.



The eyes and eyebrows.


Angel looking.


We went back for our bird feeding.

Yeah! I got a huge parrot to feed, the group of people just now only fed the small birds.

More bird feeding!


And more.

No fighting… O.o”

Passed over to boyfriend.

Say hi.

Too bad, the birds were not facing the camera.

I suffered a few claw marks, just a little teeny painful. See those red dots?

Deciding where we should go next.


Resort world.

We kind of got lost, don’t know where Maritime Museum is. Shappo helps us look for the place.

While I wait.

Shappo enjoyed the trip too! Kept trying to sneak out of my bag.

Maritime Museum, at last!

Inside, you see Zheng He’s junk, not real.

Walk down the lane to look at the artifacts from different countries.

These wax figurines look too real.

I was busy stamping on my ‘passport’ with the different logos of different countries.

More artifacts.

Fake bird’s nest.

That’s the meaning of my Chinese name!


Making my our junk.

Boyfriend helps.


I left it right there, so that some other kid can take it.

Let’s continue.

Getting my last stamp.

Creamy cake clocks.

Buddhas sold in the retail area.

Back of the junk.

Took a pottery design challenged against boyfriend. My vase was sold for 252 coins.

And his black vase was sold for 325… -.-“

It’s okay, our vase are top scores. Haha!

Pizza for dinner at Sarpino’s, it was quite filling.

Segway fun ride, next.

Fun! The Segway is very expensive when I check online.

Our Sentosa trip has ended.


How about some before and afters?

Time to go back to the main island.

We’re in and on we go!

Zoom~ Back to the future.

Crappy boyfriend. He’s excited when he’s in the cable car.

Cruise ship at night.

Still excited.

Goodbye for now~

The end.

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