iPhone says.

Boyfriend is on leave today and we must make use of the chance to dine in restaurant that have weekday lunch offers.

The Ship was having a 50% discount on a few selected main courses. We up-sized a course to a complete meal, so we could share.

Interior. I really hate the blue lights, it reflects on my food and really makes me feel irritated during the meal.

Bread and butter. Nothing special about the buns.

Seafood chowder.

Carbonara was not bad.

I must say the pork chop was good, it was cook till juicy and tender, and the potatoes were roast till flavourful. I wouldn’t mind going back for more!

Then I was craving for cakes at night, I made boyfriend accompany me to get cakes from Pine Garden.

I got the orange chocolate, and green apple cakes. I really liked the orange chocolate, the chocolate though not sinful but was bittersweet and goes very well together with the orange flavour. Boyfriend prefers green apple more.

There’s still a few more other flavours I’ve yet to try. =P

Double J Day.

Well, Jingyi and Jen’s birthday fall on the same day and so we’re celebrating their birthdays together!

I must say that I’m not a fan of Manhatten Fish Market, the quality of the food is not worth the price.

All gone. I didn’t eat much, sick people don’t eat much.

Happy birthday!

Funny. Haa!

Jingyi is… yes… very small.

End. =)

Scrapbook and lanterns.

I’ve signed up for a scrapbooking class together with my sister, it’s only $15 (worth $35) from Groupon. How I could I miss the chance of this great deal? Even though it only applies for their Scrapbooking Starter course.

The scrapbooking class is held at Laine’s Papeterie, which we will learn the basics in a 2½ -hour hands-on session and we will get to take home our own scrapbook page create with materials worth more than $25 are included.

I’ve got my photos ready. Hmm.. hmm… which one should I use?

My choice of papers from the retail store. Love those colours!

The glue tape provided, not very sticky.

Laying everything out and sticking them down.

It’s almost done! Still limited by the number of materials, I needed small letters but it’s not provided.

I’m so happy with my creation.

Met up with boyfriend and off we go to Chinese Garden for the Lantern Festival! Time for a picture feast…

Got a little bored while boyfriend is in the toilet, I took a picture of the fire extinguishers.

Nezha with two dragons.

He sells Coke.

Panda lanterns are really cute!

There was a big bunch of ants on the back of the panda.

Playground for the kids.

Took pictures with the statues too.

Let’s just continue on with the rest of the lanterns, here’s the Fu Lu Shou.

Huhhhh… why you…?!

Money come, come.

Accidental footy pic.

He’s the bull…

and I’m the tiger!

Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit.

Hou Yi shooting down the suns.


That marks the end of our journey in Chinese Garden.

High angle makes me look small.

Trying to do a watch advertisement.

I’m sooooo tiny beside boyfriend!

iPhone says.

I have been decorating my desk with little things I’ve bought from Daiso and also things from my ex-office. Ahh… Life just feels good when you don’t feel much stress everyday, simple happiness.

Finally received my ‘pirated’ Kate Spade iPhone casing but the color is not like what I saw online and it doesn’t fit as well as my Juicy Couture casing. How disappointing.