Bring the summertime back.

I packed Braised Duck Hor Fun for lunch from Mei Ling Food Centre’s Shi Hui Yuan, since I was around that area to submit a form for my FYP. So yummy that even this pixelated image is able to work it’s magic to make me feel hungry now. Boyfriend’s mama likes it too. =)

Boyfriend was craving for stewed pork rice for dinner and after doing some research, we decided on 4 Seasons Taiwanese Cuisine, it looks too promising to disappoint us.

Where’s my food?!

Boyfriend is snapping…

This picture! Cool eh?

Bubble Red Tea, $4.20 and Chrysanthemum with Wolfberries Tea, $3.80, could have tasted nicer with more wolfberries.

Garlic Century Tofu with Meat Floss, $4.80, anything with meat floss is yummy!

Minced Pork Rice, I still like the one from Xin Wang though.

With choice of Taiwanese (stewed meat sauce rice, sweet potato porridge or house special ramen) or Japanese (curry rice, udon soup or ramen soup).

Fried Chee Cheong Fun with XO Sauce, $6.80. Not bad, would be better if it has more sauce to go together with the chee cheong fun.

4 Season Taiwanese Cuisine

454/456 Joo Chiat Road

Tel:6478 1787

There’s a lot of other interesting restaurants along East Coast Road, I should go back for more food hunting another time.