I had no idea where to go for lunch when boyfriend and I are at NEX and so I did a little search on foursquare, I found Kabe No Ana located inside Yokoso! Japan!


I like the branding of the restaurant, feels like it is from an old town in Japan.

The soup of the day was Tomato Cream Soup, $3.90. It was good and definitely does not taste like it is from a can.

Mentai Mayo Toast, $2.90. I had to order this because a lot of people recommended it on foursquare. I must say I agree with them too! The toast was crispy and the mentai mayo tasted good. I think I could go get some mentaiko and toast some myself. =)

For the lunch menu, only $8.90 each. There’s the Mentaiko Carbonara. Wooo~ so yummy!

Mentaiko Wasabi with Shirasu, it has fried white baits underneath the seaweed. A savory dish with a slight tinge of wasabi, I do like how the pasta was done. Simple and full-of-oomph!

All gone, I wish my stomach can take in more though. Haha!

Bought a light snack for our dinner from Nakatsu also located inside Yokoso! Japan. A red bean dorayaki for me and a matcha dorayaki for my boy. =)

The auntie used a blow touch to heat up the insides of the dorayaki pancakes.

Lots of different fillings.

She also burned the brand of the restaurant on the pancakes.

Cute eh?

Looking good! *grins*

Yokoso! Japan

23 Serangoon Central

#B1-80 nex

Singapore 556083

Tel: 66348024

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