It’s not about the money¬≥.

I accompanied boyfriend to a 7th month dinner together with his friends and their family. It was my first time attending this kind of dinner where people bid for auspicious things during the dinner.

The place is setup at an open place in Ang Mo Kio Central.

The things that will be auctioned off are all on the stage, there are things like a 1kg steam cake, 10kg of rice, lots of alcoholic drinks, electronics and figurines.

It is crazy because all these uncles could bid the steam cake or rice for a few hundred dollars, a bottle of Martell for about $2000 but it is like so normal for them to spend during the dinner.

For every $1000 they bid, they will get a table for the dinner next year which means we might have 6 or 7 tables next year? We only have 4 tables this year and it’s not filled, there’s only 4 or 5 people at our table including boyfriend and me.

Food takes very long to be served, already done digesting when the next dish comes. Haha!

My drink, Sprite, free flow.

Cold dish.

Shark fins soup, no real shark fin is used.

Herbal chicken.

Steam promfret, I like this dish.


Braised meat.

Buns to go together with the braised meat.

Yam paste.


I should be back again next year if I’m not wrong.

Oh! We went for a movie with his friends after the dinner, we watched ‘Brides Maids’ if I’m not wrong, it was funny and a little touching. I teared a bit.