See you soon.

Dear Lucas,

I went to visit you in the hospital today together with boyfriend but the nurse says we can’t see you at the time. Aww~ I really wanted to see your cute little face. It’s okay, there’s always another time. =)

Hope you like your little bunny jumper, shoes and rattle that I bought for you!


Aunt YL

Eat: Potato Depot

Received this image from boyfriend in the morning! Heh. =P

Bought two new bottles of OPI – The “IT” Color and Skull n’ Glossbones. Lovely, aren’t they?

Today is Singapore’s unofficial curry day due to this. I didn’t cook my own pot of curry, does eating curry vegetables count?

We saw this Skinny Guinea Pig while shopping around City Hall, it really looks like a pig! Aww~ One of the cutest skinny guinea pig, I’ve ever seen.

As Boyfriend and I weren’t really hungry, we looked around for something light around Raffles City and we decided on Potato Depot. Some comfort food would be for the stomach.

We ordered two potatoes, their signatures – P.D Original ($5.90) and Happy Salmon ($8.90). I chose the P.D Original as I just wanted to taste something more traditional with the usual sour cream and bacon bits, served with some chives on top of it.

I was glad that the sour cream does not have a strong milky smell, it does go well with the fluffy potato. It would have tasted better if the bacon bits are a little more crispy, rather than chewy but I must say they are quite generous with the toppings.

My potato was however, not served hot, it was kind of cold which is disappointing. I love my baked potatoes hot. =(

Happy Salmon has smoked salmon with sour cream and capers. I tried capers for the first time, it was very salty, so you have got to take it together with the potato.

Pay an additional $3 to make your choice of baked potato to a meal that comes with a soup, salad and a soft drink. The soup was made with instant powdered soup, I could feel the powdery texture. The salad was good though with fresh lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes and raisins with a sweet and sour dressing.

I eat potatoes with its skin on, it just tastes better but when we were having the leftover potato skin of Happy Salmon, we bit on bits of sand which makes me wonder if the staffs washed the potatoes clean enough.

Potato Depot

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-78

Singapore 179103

Tel: 6336 6687

Eat: Zosui

I got Baozi to get ready to welcome boyfriend when he gets home tomorrow.

Then off I go to NEX to meet Mama for lunch at Ichiban Boshi, I thought I was suppose to be alone with Mama but Papa and brother was there too, as they were looking around to buy new televisions for the home.


Fried Salmon Skin.

Oyaku Zosui, $5.00, a Japanese style risotto with chicken meat, mushrooms, carrots, and egg.

Yaki Niku Zosui, $5.00, a Japanese style risotto with beef.

The Tempura Fish Cake comes together with the Zosui, Mama likes it a lot and the only reason why she wants to have lunch at Ichiban Boshi.

Ichiban Boshi

NEX, #B1-04

23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

Tel: 66340128

**The Zosui value meals are only available from Mondays to Fridays, 3pm to 5.30pm.

Press release.

After many days of preparations work, the press releases are finally ready to be send out!

Ecuador Roses.

Wrapped and tied with a string.

Put it in.

Tied and tagged.

All ready!

Sorry boyfriend, I messed up your table while working on the press release. =P