Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.

Firstly, I have to thank Nadine for the lovely gift that she has made for everyone in office. Thank you! It was very nice!

On our way to Johore Bahru, I can’t wait to indulge in all that seafood!

Reach Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort (facebook page) after an hour of traveling. Two days, one night trip for only 110 Ringgit with 4 meals (dinner, supper, breakfast and lunch) included.

Business hours of the restaurant.

Big fishies.

Crabs and many other seafood.

Open dining area.

Private rooms.

This is our very own private room.

There are 2 tables, KTV and even mahjong! Of course, fully air-conditioned.

The building where our ‘resort rooms’ are.

There’s bed, toilet and very cold aircon. I really cannot complain for the price that was paid for.

Back to our private room and everybody took out their wines.

We had a lot of prawn crackers too, it was just too yummy.

Got boyfriend to go out for a little walk together while the rest of them are playing mahjong. The sunset is providing us a very nice scenery.

Chickens in here, there is only two of them anyway.

Then it was time for dinner!

Rice, you take any amount you like.

Crispy fried lemon chicken, I only had one because I cannot have too much chicken due to my cough.

Stir-fry spring onion deer meat.

The four heavenly vegetables, includes ladyfingers, brinjal, long beans and sator beans.

Steamed prawns.

Seaweed soup.

Tom yum fish. The only fish that I didn’t like as it has a ‘muddy’ taste, I’m a little picky with fish due to my dad’s influence.

Black pepper crabs! Ooh~ I love crabs.

The restaurant at night.

A small sink by the river.

Crab trap under water.

Boyfriend accompanied me back to the hotel room for a short nap, I was too tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore especially after dinner.

After the nap, we joined the rest and watch them fish.

Some juicy fruits to quench my thirst.

We have the manager BBQ-ing our food for us, his service is really good by the way.

While we wait.

It’s supper, we are just surprised with the amount of dishes that was enough to feed 20 people, we only have 10 people here.

Fried fish fillets.

Fried chicken wings.

Fried bee hoon.

Curry vegetable.

Steamed corns.

Steamed sweet potatoes, just the sight of these made us feel full already.

BBQ-ed prawns and chicken satay. These are so00-delicious! Oomph~!

Flower crabs! The flesh is very sweet and fresh, I can even finish the whole plate of it myself. Rawrr~!

We got a small crab in our net.

And boyfriend caught his first fish! Yeah! I taught boyfriend how to throw the line out but nah… I haven’t been fishing for a very very long time and I’m bad at throwing the line out.