I’m not gonna cry.

We going to celebrate Nadine’s farewell today, even though her actual last day is tomorrow but some of us couldn’t make it.

Nadine made us banana chocolate muffins!

Thanks to you too, for all the help rendered and of course… the yummy muffins.

We blew a lot of mini balloon and wrote messages on them. This was quite a challenge because she is in the same room as us, we had to keep hiding.

Buried the presents inside the load of balloons. Oh-so-colourful!

All of us had dinner together at Mellben Seafood.

Enormous gift all ready for the girl.

Taking a peek.

Tadaa! It’s all black bird theme.

All our messages.

The main gift.

A blackbird lomo!

Then, it’s time to start digging in our long awaited crab feast.

Bye, Nadine! Good luck in your future endeavors.