Plain old comfort.

I must recommend this stall, Kwang Hua Kitchen. Initially when we reach the quite deserted food court for the first time, we thought, “Oh my, it doesn’t seem to have any good food here.”

Luckily, we took a walk around and I saw a couple of old Grandmas preparing the food, one could be the mother while the other might be the daughter but they are already at the grandmother age. I told Kat, “I’m sure they will have something good.”

They have quite a variety of food which is not easily found in other places, we had quite a hard time to decide as all of the dishes looked mouth-watering.

Clockwise: Black Fungus with Daylily Buds, Chicken Stew, Steamed Pork Belly with Mustard Greens and Chinese Red Wine Chicken, which is especially hard to find these days as the red wine itself is not easily available..

Kampung style sunny side up, where the egg white envelopes the still-runny egg yolk inside. This is difficult to fry and takes quite a lot of practice to make it prefect. Ahh~ If only my dad gets to try the food here, it’ll remind him of Grandma.

I’m definitely going back again! I don’t mind going there for more colour proofs and press checks!

Kwang Hua Kitchen
5 Kallang Place
Singapore 339152

Opening Hours:
Mon.-Sun. 07:00-17:00