Margarine and butter, tea and coffee.

Helped boyfriend with some facial today. Hahaha!

Lunched at MOS burger before I left boyfriend to meet my girl friends, since they take quite long to meet up.

– – – – –

So my girls and I went to Helen’s graduation Show at Orchard Central, and that was my second visit already.

After a bit of viewing the design exhibits and chit chatting, we went off for dinner at TCC since the 1-for-1 main course promotion is still on.

Homely-style Beef Stew, $20.80. The chunks of beef were succulent and braised till fork tender, paired with oven baked potatoes with herbs.

Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki. The mentaiko gravy is perfect with a little tinge of spicyness and the salmon slices are briefly cooked giving it the right texture. It’s a heavenly match together with the oozing egg yolk!

Shrooms & Splash Gratin, $16.80. Penne gratin with shrimps and mushrooms, topped with mozzarella.

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