To cause or attempt to cause.

Had dinner at 313 Somerset’s Food Republic, I ordered a minced meat noodle and Pi had a plate of scissors curry rice.

me: How was your food?
bf: Not very nice.
me: Ya, mine too…

*speechless for a while*

me: This is like the saddest meal… (it’s quite difficult to describe the feeling)
bf: I have the same thoughts.
me: There goes my money and I cannot waste this. *sigh*

– – – – –

Pi bought me 2 new casings for my iPhone! Ohh~ I like them very much and couldn’t decide on either one and so he got me both instead. The cassette tape casing would make my phone look like an iPhone 4g. Hahaha!

The shop had this bowl of Polos at the cashier. I didn’t know the Chinese name of Polo is so close to my Chinese name! That’s quite interesting.

Quench our thirst with bubble teas from Artease.

I chose a Strawberry Milk Green Tea for Pi, since both flavors are his favorite.

And I had a Chocolate Rose Tea, can’t really taste the flavor of the rose though.

Ok, I need to go back to my iPhone game. Tataaz!