Vintage videography.

Pi has gotten his new mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2, we’re off shopping around Plaza Singapura for his new phone’s casing.

Dinner at Foodcourt, Pi had his Indonesian Food while I had a bowl of hot apple and pear soup, it tastes pretty good surprisingly. We saw a huge Domo-kun outside the arcade. Cute.

I’ve been having bad cravings for some good cakes recently, since Secret Recipes have cakes better than Cafe Cartel, I might as well get satisfied by their cakes. Chocolate Indulgence is one of my favourites!

It was at this time, Pi went to get the cake and left his phone on the table. I was flipping through the menu, I accidentally hit his phone with the menu. The table was slanted plus the top was so smooth, there wasn’t any friction. The phone just slide and drop onto the floor. I think my heart jumped out of my chest.

I confessed when Pi came back, I felt so guilty. I didn’t know how to break the news to him. =(

I know he mind but he didn’t nag or get upset with me. He kept on teasing me, linking every single little thing to the drop of his phone. Ahhh~ He’s making me feel so very guilty. Okay, I know he’s joking.

Bought a phone casing for him online, I hope it arrives soon!

– – – – –

I have two new iPhone apps to recommend today. One is the Film Maker, it converts your videos into old videos and adds music to it. I tried the app on the bus.

The second one is 8mm Vintage Camera, takes videos in vintage format and with the film jumping a little, looks totally vintage. I like this a lot!

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