Teach him how to fish you’ll feed him for a lifetime.

We woke up quite early at 10am, even though all of us slept at 5am the night before. There was a electrical trip when we went back to our rooms though and had to wait for the guard to get the lights and aircon back on.

Breakfast was the lightest meal among all four meals that was provided.

Puff wrapped with fried egg inside, it’s kind of weird. I would say it feels more like a chicken pie kind of thing than curry puff.

Donuts made with sweet potato flour, we love it! Full of flavour with a chewy texture.

Kaya toast, asked the Auntie not to toast too much for us as we can’t finish at all.

Hard boiled eggs to go with our other dishes.

Packets of mee siam.

I will start with the nasi lemak first.

Not much ingredients used but it was good, the rice was fragrant.

The mee siam was very much loved by us too.

After breakfast, we went to take a look at the crab trap. There are three crabs inside!

Joined the guys and I took photos while they were fishing.

Lei Feng fished another lead sinker back. Haha!

The weather was very hot and sunny.

Sea worms as bait.

Lei Feng got his first fish!

I finally found a spot that does not mess up my hair too much for pictures.

Boyfriend caught a small fish but poor thing, it was hooked at its eye and tangled by two lines. I tried to pull the hook out gently, trying not to hurt it too much but I failed because it wasn’t swimming when I put it back into the water. =(

Boyfriend totally love this picture that I took. =)

Back to the private room I go, they’re serving us lunch soon.

Steam fish, still trying not to eat the fish due to the muddy smell.

Sesame ginger chicken.

Tofu, smooth and silky.

Chinese wine prawns, it has a strong flavour of chinese wine which was good.

Sambal sotong, fresh and definitely yummy.


We added this chilli crab, have no idea how much it cost though but it was good and I liked the fried buns.


I had a coconut drink, good for cooling down all that body heat.

Happy Birthday to all of them!

Singing “Happy Birthday” songs, along with the KTV set, we had to stop it halfway if not we have no idea how many different languages of birthday songs we had to sings along to. Haha!

The manager at the resort helped us to get the cake, he provides excellent service. Thumbs up!

Taking a visit to a bridge, to just take a look of it. It wasn’t easy to take nice pictures of the bridge inside the car.

I enjoyed the trip very much! Would love to go again but please let me lose some of that weight first.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.

Firstly, I have to thank Nadine for the lovely gift that she has made for everyone in office. Thank you! It was very nice!

On our way to Johore Bahru, I can’t wait to indulge in all that seafood!

Reach Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort (facebook page) after an hour of traveling. Two days, one night trip for only 110 Ringgit with 4 meals (dinner, supper, breakfast and lunch) included.

Business hours of the restaurant.

Big fishies.

Crabs and many other seafood.

Open dining area.

Private rooms.

This is our very own private room.

There are 2 tables, KTV and even mahjong! Of course, fully air-conditioned.

The building where our ‘resort rooms’ are.

There’s bed, toilet and very cold aircon. I really cannot complain for the price that was paid for.

Back to our private room and everybody took out their wines.

We had a lot of prawn crackers too, it was just too yummy.

Got boyfriend to go out for a little walk together while the rest of them are playing mahjong. The sunset is providing us a very nice scenery.

Chickens in here, there is only two of them anyway.

Then it was time for dinner!

Rice, you take any amount you like.

Crispy fried lemon chicken, I only had one because I cannot have too much chicken due to my cough.

Stir-fry spring onion deer meat.

The four heavenly vegetables, includes ladyfingers, brinjal, long beans and sator beans.

Steamed prawns.

Seaweed soup.

Tom yum fish. The only fish that I didn’t like as it has a ‘muddy’ taste, I’m a little picky with fish due to my dad’s influence.

Black pepper crabs! Ooh~ I love crabs.

The restaurant at night.

A small sink by the river.

Crab trap under water.

Boyfriend accompanied me back to the hotel room for a short nap, I was too tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore especially after dinner.

After the nap, we joined the rest and watch them fish.

Some juicy fruits to quench my thirst.

We have the manager BBQ-ing our food for us, his service is really good by the way.

While we wait.

It’s supper, we are just surprised with the amount of dishes that was enough to feed 20 people, we only have 10 people here.

Fried fish fillets.

Fried chicken wings.

Fried bee hoon.

Curry vegetable.

Steamed corns.

Steamed sweet potatoes, just the sight of these made us feel full already.

BBQ-ed prawns and chicken satay. These are so00-delicious! Oomph~!

Flower crabs! The flesh is very sweet and fresh, I can even finish the whole plate of it myself. Rawrr~!

We got a small crab in our net.

And boyfriend caught his first fish! Yeah! I taught boyfriend how to throw the line out but nah… I haven’t been fishing for a very very long time and I’m bad at throwing the line out.

toasted potato wedges.

I just needed to relieve myself from all those tension that I have been having for the whole day, I wasn’t able to focus properly on my studying. Exam is tomorrow!

Feeling irritated and hungry, I had to solve one of them and so I could feel a little better. Cooking soothes my mood every time and I needed some comfort food too. Potato wedges sound like a good idea.

Toasted Potato Wedges (serves 1)

1 medium potato
1 teaspoon spiced salt (Daiso)
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley (IKEA)

1. Cut potato into wedges, lay them nicely on the toast tray.
2. Toast wedges inside the toaster, flip wedges once in a while to make sure both sides are brown and cooked.
3. Sprinkle both spiced salt and dried parsley, mix well.

This is definitely not going to be crispy like the deep fried ones but healthier.

– – – – –

Thanks boyfriend for buying me Gong Cha and for chasing away all that tension! ♥

long and curved.

Lunched out with my brother. The ribs at Cafe Cartel has a really good deal, too hard to be missed.

Iced tea and cream of mushroom soup, I really hate soups from the can.

Free flow bread, goes very well with the very salty soup.

Texas Rodeo and Honey Baked Ribs, we prefer Honey Baked Ribs though.

I was just kidding, I couldn’t finish it at all!

midday meal.

Dad was about to cook some squid for his lunch and he asks me if I would like some.
me: “I have squid ink, you want to try some squid ink noodles?”
dad: “Then you want some squid for the noodles? Got prawns in the fridge also.”
me: “Okay!”

Tadaa~ Here’s the squid ink noodle that I have prepared. The squid ink is from Muji, I only have to boil the noodles and then add the squid ink and mix well. The squid and prawns are inside but all covered with squid ink, so it’s all pitch black.

Dad boiled the leftover squid tentacles, slices chilli and added some soy sauce to it. Simple delicacy.

Crusty Taiwan Sausage Pizza.

I just had this sudden craving for Taiwan sausages and off I go to the supermarket after exams. I didn’t want to spend too much money for a simple meal, since I still have frozen prata (quite a lot of them) left at home, I though of a special sausage pizza. It’s all sausage, isn’t it? Just a little different. *Giggles*

Crusty Taiwan Sausage Pizza (Serves 1)

1 frozen roti prata (Chinatown brand)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 Taiwan pork sausage, sliced
1 white button mushroom, sliced
3 tablespoons mozzarella cheese
1/4 teaspoon dried parsley (garnish)

1. Pop frozen roti prata into toaster until it is a little crispy on both sides, poke a few holes to make sure it doesn’t get too puffed up.
2. Spread mayonnaise on the roti prata.
3. Put Taiwan pork sausage, white button mushroom and topped it with mozzarella cheese.
4. Continue toasting until the cheese has melted and until side of the roti prata looks brown.
5. Garnish with dried parsley and it’s ready to be served.

to be apart.

Mouthwatering and affordable lor mee, only $2.50 for the smallest serving with the usual ingredients, lor bak and deep fried wanton. The $3 serving is bigger and comes with one whole stewed egg while mine only has one slice of egg.

Chong Boon Market & Cooked Food Centre
Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Blk 453A, #01-99
Singapore 561453

Ending my lunch with a nice thick cup of papaya juice and they did not add water inside. Woohoo! Most stalls add syrup water inside fruit juices nowadays to cut cost.

Boyfriend set up a partition to separate me from him. =(

Haha! I needed to study and he had to do some personal work, if he didn’t separate, he will keep pestering me and vice versa. =P

Sugar-glazed prata.

A little burnt at the middle, I’ll just have to scrap it off. Very crispy with the caramelized sugarat the top.

Sugar-Glazed Prata (serves 1)

1 frozen roti prata (Chinatown brand)
2 tablespoons sugar

1. Sprinkle sugar on the prata
2. Put inside toaster until prata is brown and ready to be served.

I have been eating well.

I haven’t had Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee for a long time, maybe ever since I was 12 years old, after my Dad moved his office from Gay World to Tampines.

Pork Rib Prawn Noodle, $5. Quality has dropped, not as nice as how it used to be.

2 Jalan Ayer
(Opposite Kallang MRT)
Singapore 389141

Tel: +65 6748 2488

– – – – –

Nice claypot food at Ang Mo Kio’s S11 food centre. I had the Claypot Ee Mian, which was full of flavor but a little tad salty.

Black Vinegar Pig Trotters, just nice and not overly sweet.

711 Ang Mo Kio
Avenue 8

Singapore 560711