Boyfriend and I decided to explore Balestier for food since we’re sick of the usual places and we were definitely not disappointed with our find at all. We somehow landed in Whampoa Food Centre after walking around a little from Shaw Plaza.

Order a plate of Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee since the queue is long, it must be good. Anyway most of the stalls there have long queues.

Smells good and the noodles are not too soft, the chilli is very nice too even though boyfriend and I are not spicy food lovers but the chilli is not too spicy for us.

We also ordered a Fish Head Steamboat with an additional plate of vegetables to share, which we regretted a little because we felt full after having the plate of noodles.

Took back our words and vowed to finish it even if we bust after getting stuffed too much. The fish soup was oh-so-heavenly and worth waiting for 30 minutes, might take even longer during peak hours.

I was stirring and looking at what was used inside the soup, the amount of ingredients used was just crazy. I see pieces of fried fish bones, yam, spices… boiled till almost dissolved, I couldn’t remember all of them but I can definitely see that lots of work is needed to make such a good quality pot of soup.

We did give up finishing the soup. Haha! Does get a little too salty at the end when the soup gets dried up with the fire heating underneath.

Will be back for more great food at Whampoa Food Centre another day! Pss.. I hate the fact for not bringing my camera out, it does no justice to good food.

Whampoa Food Centre
Blk 92 Whampoa Drive
Singapore 320092

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