What should I name this title?

Nice lunch at Novena Square’s Kopitiam Food Court, I always think they don’t have much food there but to my surprise, they have Indonesian food. Grilled Pomfret Fish with sweet BBQ sauce, the price was quite reasonable for the amount of serving.

Bought this bottle of Organic Apple Juice from Cold Storage, it was on a 50% discount because its expiry date is nearing. Took me ages to queue for payment.

Cleared my desk! We moving office soon, finally a change of environment and hopefully a much better one.

Pi and I went to Sim Lim Square, I’m going to get a new CPU to use at home. My notebook’s screen is very small and it’s quite irritating sometimes when I feel my work is limited by it – slow and not efficient.

Had dinner at Sim Lim Square’s Food Court, I still chose the Shanghai Noodle Stall, they never fail disappoint my taste buds. =)

Thank you, Pi! For helping me with the setup and the installation of my new CPU. Oh! Also for carrying it all the way back to my house. Love you! Muacks!