Just totally different.

I tried the Bibimbab from the Korean Stall at Fork n’ Spoon, it’s was alright. Why is my egg a sunny side up? It should not be this way, which is a little disappointing.

Fork n’ Spoon Food Court
Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
#04-14 to 19/56 to 73
Singapore 307506

– – – – –

Light dinner at Ministry of Food, I was craving for their Salmon Salad and we weren’t very hungry anyway. Ordered a Salmon Wasabi Sandwich too, it was packed with lots of lettuce and gives a little tinge of ‘wasabi rush’. Wooo.


Initially I wanted a Kuromitsu Soft Serve and Pi wanted an Iced Macha and I saw the image of the Ice Macha with something which looks like a soft serve on top with Kuromitsu Sauce. I thought we could just order that but when it came… The soft serve look-a-like was actually just whipped cream. *sad face* I feel cheated because the image of the whipped cream inside the menu was so tall too.

Just sucking on some ice. =P

MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Ang Mo Kio Hub
53 Ang Mo Ko Ave 3
Singapore 569933
Tel: +65 6752 3002

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