Minty melty birthday.

And so I was cheated by Jen to go over to the conference room, she was asking me to choose some new materials which I thought the idea has already been totally scraped.

The surprise happened inside the conference room when I was still choosing the material. The rest of them came in with a ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

And again we have to finish singing the birthday song real fast because the whole cake is melting!

The cake was so hard, it’s difficult to cut even though it is melting. Kat had to use all of the strength she has to cut the cake.

Time to unwrap the presents! They wrap all of the present individually, I had to open them up one by one. Oh! There’s even one humongous eraser which I can pass down to my future generations.

All mint coloured! Okay, close to mint.

Thanks for all the presents and the surprise! Thank you!!!

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