Nobody wants to be back to reality.

It has been a really fun trip and I hope I don’t have to be back. All those pile of work is giving me the creeps already.

The airport before checking in.

At the departure hall.

We used up the last of the Thai baht we had with us for some hotdog and ice-cream from Orange Julius.

To the plane, we go…

Bye, Phuket. =(

There’s a rainbow within the clouds! How lucky!

Ordered plane meals, pancakes, it was passable. Would have been better if maple syrup is provided instead of honey.

Aren’t you curious what’s gong on under the seat? *giggles*

Tidy and neat clouds above Singapore.


Bought this eye cream, I hope it works for my dark eye rings!

We settled down at Wang Cafe for lunch – lime juice with plums, laksa and mee rebus, I haven had mee rebus for a long time.

– – – – –

Family bought a cake to celebrate my birthday, even though it’s belated. =)

All pictures are taken with pinhole setting because I have got no make up on. Heh.

We had a super fast “Happy Birthday” song singing session because the candles are melting the chocolates on the cake! I made a super fast birthday wish too.

Quickly blew out the candles.

Melted chocolate.

Gonna start cutting the cake.


I think Papa looks really cute in his glasses.

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