Phuket: Pearl of the Andaman. Day 3

Our first time having free breakfast provided by the hotel, there’s not much to choose from, only three breakfast sets to be exact.

All breakfast sets are served with coffee, tea or juice, and two slices of toast.

Omelet set and banana pancake set, with choice of ham or bacon.

You see this top everywhere in Phuket or Bangkok, maybe even in Singapore too because it’s so affordable.

Pi is trying to eat up the island.

Ready for the beach!

We’re under the hot hot sun! I hope my skin doesn’t get too tanned.

You can rent two chairs for 100 baht (some offer 200 baht), so do walk around a little before deciding. Umbrellas and property watching provided.

Oh, hangers provided too.


He’s running off to the sea!

It’s really hot out here! Of course, there’s going to be endless photo-taking.

Caught a crab and it is feigning death.

We did some sand art. Kind of. =P

Waiting for us both to get a little dry, we forgot to bring towels along. Haha!

I haven’t show the entrance of our hotel, we have to walk in this alley to where 7Q Hotel is.

Strawberry Calpis is sold here in 7-eleven stores and supermarkets! Super cheap also! We only have Original flavour in Singapore. =(

We were tired after playing at the beach, took a long nap before stepping out of the hotel for dinner.

I have a long story to tell. This little girl, she came suddenly from behind me after we were done ordering our food, hung a flower garland round my neck and gave me a kiss on my cheek. You could just imagine how surprised I was. She proceeded to hang one around Pi’s neck too. I thought to myself, “Is this some form of welcome by by the restaurant?” She gave Pi a kiss on his cheek too. Hmm…

It was then she said (pointing at me, then at Pi), “100 baht, 100 baht. ” Totally jaw-drop. Pi paid for it, thinking that it’s out of being nice since it’s our first time in Phuket too. She gave him 2 more kisses after that. -.-“

SGD$4 for this thing. Hmm… You know… I’m from the flowers & gifts industry. This is made of orchid flowers, straws and Styrofoam balls.


At least I haven’t seen this colour of orchids before.

Finally, dinner is served. I always order coconut juice whenever the restaurants have it.

Fried squid, passable.

We were disappointed when this Chicken with Garlic and Pepper arrived, we thought it would be something like what we had in our hotel. This has got no sauce, just dry.

Tom Yam Soup, Pi totally loves this.

While I kept having the Green Curry, it’s not spicy at all and I think I should be called, Cream of Green Curry Soup. Haha!

Fried Glass Noodles. Delicious!

Stopped by McDonald’s for some drinks after a little last minute shopping.

There’s not much difference as compared to the McDonald’s In Singapore but Pi said, “The fly in here is different.” The fly is huge, maybe the size is the same as the first segment of your last finger.

The very irritating place where you can watch Muay Thai Boxing. The speakers keep going, “Muay Thai Boxing tonight… tonight… tonight… tonight… tonight…” Five ‘tonight’s in one sentence, just how irritating is that?

We took a tuk tuk back to the hotel, I didn’t want to walk anymore. The tuk tuks here are different from those in Bangkok. These are much safer.

Another Calpis! This is half-sugar and white grape flavoured.

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