Phuket: Pearl of the Andaman. Day 1

On our way to the airport.

Check in done.

Pi doing some research for our Phuket trip.

Grab some bites before boarding.

Yes yes. We’re at the Changi Airport.

To the boarding gate.

Hey, there’s nothing on my head!

Can’t wait to get on the plane!


Okay, noted. Hope I don’t have to use it in my whole life.

Browsing in-flight magazines.

He never stops making funny faces.

Serious one. Looks like not very serious also.


One to five.

Bye, Singapore!

Lots of ships.

Watching the beautiful clouds.

Birthday angbao from Papa! Will only take it out if there’s any emergency. =)

Pi was drawing pictures of… you know… me. -.-“

Very nice, right? I know.

I see islands!

Landing soon!

At the Phuket Airport.

Took the minibus for 150 baht each.

Sightings while in the minibus.

At the lobby of our hotel.

In our room with all the basic facilities.

The room service people must be very good at folding.

Outside, from our balcony.

Long corridor.

Lift lobby.

We were hungry ever since we got down the plane and can’t wait to find food, we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall, Jungceylon.

Finally settled down in a Thai restaurant, Le Siam.

Rice crackers with special prawn sauce. We wouldn’t might having more!

Pineapple fried rice.

Phad Thai wrapped in thin omelette.

Ice blended: Mango on the left and berries on the right.


Very satisfied!

Walked around a little.

Bought quite a few snacks from Carrefour.

Walked to the nearby mini night market.

Walked a little further while on our way back to the hotel and I saw a gas station. Cute one!

Thank you, PiPi, for my birthday present part 2. I like it very much!

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