This calls for a sinful pancakes feast!

Braised Duck Rice and Turtle Soup for lunch! I love my rice with lots of sauce. Yum yum.

Passed by a few interesting shops.

– – – – –

It is our last night at the apartment, we have finally made it through the whole photoshoot and this calls for a celebration!

Stacks of milo pancakes and strawberry cheesecake ice cream pancakes. Pi did the strawberry cheesecake pancakes, pretty cool but I’m not a fan of cheesecakes.

It was taking me too long to finish frying everything, I gave up and pour the last of it into the pan and thus we have a large strawberry cheesecake ice cream pancake.

Served with Ben and Jerry’s!

I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

This became a photoshoot session for us.

All soaked in syrup again. Sinful dinner. Ahh~ I need to get back to my diet soon!