Irresistable comfort.

That’s just how my day has been. “Sibei Sian” means very bored in Hokkien.

I’m finishing the tub of Ben n Jerry’s ice cream.

There’s a bunny cloud to cheer me up during work! Pi didn’t realize that he took the photo with the bunny cloud inside until I ran through the photos in my iPhone and noticed it.

A hand-written letter with typewriter font by Pi.

Pi went out to help get some extra ingredients. so I could prepare dinner and he came back with a long row of Skelanimal stickers from Cheers! More than enough to fill my redemption card and I can go redeem my own Skelanimal anytime.

We have been cooking porridge for the whole day till it’s very soft and smooth. How could anyone resist porridge like this?

I prepared steam chicken to go with the porridge. Thumbs up! A very simple recipe.

Chai poh omelette.

Simple dinner is just so comforting.