No, not the combo.

Sister and I helped our cousin to do her ROM bouquet. Of course, this would save her a lot of money too.


Stalks of tulipis as wedding gifts.

Out for mother’s day dinner and we made a bouquet with the tulips we bought for mum.

Hahaha! Funny Daddy.

Mummy is so proud.

Ok. Proper one.

Smoked Salmon Pizza, pretty tasty.

Lamb Racks with Black Pepper, well done because my parents don’t like it raw.

Smoked duck Pasta with Black Pepper Sauce. This became everyone’s favourite.

Fried Onion Rings.

I will never order their combo platter again, not worth the money and the food is so-so.

Soft Shell Crab.

Potato Wedges.

Chicken Chicharron. It’s well… not nice.

Caesar Salad. It’s tastes like rubbish dump, smells much. Almost vomited.

Grilled chicken. They serve their dishes cold?

Seafood Fritto.

The 4 different sauces to go with the platter.
Clockwise: Black Pepper, Mushroom, Tartar Sauce and Savoury Apple.

Add on a few bucks for an ice cream and it’s definitely not worth it. The serving was so small and it’s just normal ice cream.