Gift in an envelope.

Brought some cupcakes for Pi.

Yum. A little too sweet, can’t figure out whether it is due to the frosting or the cookie dough. Oh well.

Met up for a short dinner with my girl friends at Ichiban Sushi.

Totally didn’t expect this because we decided to postpone my birthday celebration to another day. Aww~ And I didn’t bring my camera along.

Thank you girls for the surprise and birthday gift! =)

Met up with Pi after dinner for a movie, he totally like these Satay Broad Beans after I’ve introduced them to him.


I went to gym with boyfriend today! It’s a miracle!

Dark clouds against white clouds, weird but nice.

After gym, we had vegetarian food for dinner at the Yio Chu Kang Food Centre.

We ordered the curry rice and hor fun, no real meat of course.

The squid look-a-like, just made of tofu.

The soup was fantastic too.

I wouldn’t mind going back for more vegetarian food. =)

– – – – –

Very red. I’m lovin’ it.

A date with Pi after shoot.

Took some pictures while traveling in the bus.

Had this Shanghai Fried Noodles at Sim Lim Square’s Food Court, it’s good. Trust me.

After a while of shopping, we decided to rest at MOS burger.

Pi is being crappy. Haha!

Opening up the new e-mook that I just bought.

Milk tea.

Showing off my huge craft stamp!

It’s getting lesser.

Flipping through the magazine.

I don’t know why Pi wants to focus on my little finger.

Still paying attention at the dressing styles I see inside the magazine.

No, don’t look at me. Look at the magazine, I’m trying to show you something interesting.


Just like new.

Packing all the furniture and stuffs, all ready to be moved back to company. Kat’s iPhone got wrapped up just like new by Uncle Peter. Haha!

Off prawning with Brother and Sister. Sorry no pictures of prawning, please refer to old blog posts.

This calls for a sinful pancakes feast!

Braised Duck Rice and Turtle Soup for lunch! I love my rice with lots of sauce. Yum yum.

Passed by a few interesting shops.

– – – – –

It is our last night at the apartment, we have finally made it through the whole photoshoot and this calls for a celebration!

Stacks of milo pancakes and strawberry cheesecake ice cream pancakes. Pi did the strawberry cheesecake pancakes, pretty cool but I’m not a fan of cheesecakes.

It was taking me too long to finish frying everything, I gave up and pour the last of it into the pan and thus we have a large strawberry cheesecake ice cream pancake.

Served with Ben and Jerry’s!

I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

This became a photoshoot session for us.

All soaked in syrup again. Sinful dinner. Ahh~ I need to get back to my diet soon!