I hope you stop growing horizontally.

Meet up with sis for lunch at Junction 8 before getting brother’s birthday cake, Pi came along too.

Decided on Watami, since I’m treating her. Ordered the $49 set lunch for 2 and we think it’s enough for 4.

Orange yakult and mango orange drinks.

Watami salad, contains 7 kinds of vegetables with special tuna mayonnaise and drizzled with unique dressing. Thumbs up!

Hire Katsu Tamago Toji.

After pouring the beaten egg instead, I simply love the smooth egg cooked inside the sauce.

Tori Karaage and Negi Pirikara Sauce. I don’t reallly like the sauce that came together, it’s kind of sour.

Agedashi Tofu, a very simple dish.

Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki. Too cheesy and chewy for our liking.

Sukiyaki Nabe. Not much soup and it’s too sweet anyway.

Icing room again for my brother’s cake. PS. I still have one more coupon.

Plain cake.

We bought our own chocolates and candies for decorating.

Put on the candles.

Don’t you think this picture of the cake is cool?

Happy Birthday to Brother!
You’re fat and irritating sometimes
but you are still my brother afterall.
What to do? Hahaha!