Sweet creamy glaze.

It’s the terrorist teddy! *Screams*
Or is it the South African?

It has a spear – satay stiick with rice dumpling string which Pi eat already but never throw.

Add ons in progress.


These are not let off too.

– – – – –

We made a trip to Icing Room at 313 Somerset, since I have the coupon which I bought from groupon, only $9.90.

Here’s the plain white cake.

Our icing.

I got mint coloured cream!

Decorating in progress.



The part I love most! Don’t you think it looks like Pi is holding my hands and bringing me to wherever he goes? Aww~



Close up.

Must feature the side too! A field of flowers.

Must take picture with the cake.

Proud of our work. =)

Dinner time at Central Hong Kong Cafe! Saving the cake for breakfast the next day.

This is what we saw on the menu and thus decided to dine in. Layers of tofu with pork floss, thumbs up! Easy to do, shall try making it myself.

Pan fried chee cheong fun, drizzled with sweet sauce and peanut butter sauce. Peanut butter sauce? But it tastes really not bad at all.

Trishaw noodle, a little bit spicy. I like the curry fish balls. Haha!

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