Slip off my mind.

Celebrating Pi’s friend’s birthday at Tao’s Restaurant.

Have always wanted to come but it just keeps slipping out of my mind.

7 course set menu, choose 1 from each category.

Took photos while waiting for Pi’s friends to come.

Water is served.

Bacon & Mushroom Gratin, this is a compulsory item in the menu. When the gratin came, I thought the smell of cheese was too over-powering for me as I’m not a cheese person and I almost wanted to pass it to Pi but I was glad I gave it a try. The gratin was hot and cheesy and the smell wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, while the bread was soft and nicely toasted. I finished everything in the end. =P

Farm Boy Splendour, just a lettuce salad with a few slices of chicken and the dressing had peanuts and a spicy taste.

Prawn Roll with Pork Floss. I liked the flavours involved, the savoury pork floss with the sweet tinge of the mango syrup and richness from mayonnaise.

Grilled King Oyster Mushroom & Sorbet, the only reason why there’s 7 course for dinner and only 6 course for lunch. I would recommend everyone to go for the lunch instead. An extra $10 for this plate of oyster mushrooms is not worth it.

Orange Juice on the left is just normal, while the Iced Grape Mallow Tea on the right is just wonderful.

Summer Peach Tea on the left and Rose Apple tea on the right, both as good as the Grape Mallow Tea.

Japanese Fish Consommé served in a cute teapot and small cup, light and easy to drink.

Cream of Mushroom for those who like a safer choice.

Tao’s Oven Roasted Steak was tender and juicy, far better than many other steaks around.

Slow-cooked Pork Back Ribs was very nicely stewed till all the flavour goes in and the meat just slides off the ribs. Ahh~ heavenly.

Tao’s Grilled Chicken Jumbo Leg, don’t be easily convinced by the word ‘jumbo’, it is not what you think it is. The taste is just normal.

Creme Brulee was light, have been craving for one since a long time. Would be better if the caramelized sugar could be a little thicker.

Brownie with ice cream was so-so.

Tiramisu was alright.

All of us. Place with bad lighting to take a picture at, recommended by the waiter. *face palm* He intially wanted us to take a picture with the shop’s sign and we just block the whole thing. Hahaha!

After dinner celebration at Alps Cafe, they ordered a bottle of Singleton. They, not me because I seriouslly can’t drink, feeling a little dizzy after just having a tiny wee amount of it.

We played a game of Cheat with dice.

I don’t mind losing anyway, I’m only drinking green tea. Haha!

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