Stickin’ on me, so sweet.

I was craving for some desserts and so we headed to ‘Ji De Chi’.

Pi had a five-spice meat rice dumpling.

While I had a longan grass jelly ice.

Mango with glutinous rice roll. Yummy!

I hope you stop growing horizontally.

Meet up with sis for lunch at Junction 8 before getting brother’s birthday cake, Pi came along too.

Decided on Watami, since I’m treating her. Ordered the $49 set lunch for 2 and we think it’s enough for 4.

Orange yakult and mango orange drinks.

Watami salad, contains 7 kinds of vegetables with special tuna mayonnaise and drizzled with unique dressing. Thumbs up!

Hire Katsu Tamago Toji.

After pouring the beaten egg instead, I simply love the smooth egg cooked inside the sauce.

Tori Karaage and Negi Pirikara Sauce. I don’t reallly like the sauce that came together, it’s kind of sour.

Agedashi Tofu, a very simple dish.

Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki. Too cheesy and chewy for our liking.

Sukiyaki Nabe. Not much soup and it’s too sweet anyway.

Icing room again for my brother’s cake. PS. I still have one more coupon.

Plain cake.

We bought our own chocolates and candies for decorating.

Put on the candles.

Don’t you think this picture of the cake is cool?

Happy Birthday to Brother!
You’re fat and irritating sometimes
but you are still my brother afterall.
What to do? Hahaha!

Oh, let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring up where the air is clear!

Pi and I finally found some time to do some kite flying at Marine Barrage! Of coourse, that is me flying the kite.

Here’s the video of me fying the kite.

If you can see in this picture, the string is running out and I didn’t notice it.

Gone. I didn’t chase the kite, it was too fast. I simply tapped on Pi’s shoulders while he was looking elsewhere and said, “It flew off, string too short.”

I haven’t even take pictures of Pi flying the kite yet! Argh!

– – – – –

Food prepared for the kite flying picnic! We’re so hungry!

There’s tamago with crabstick, the egg is so smooth. Nicely done! So proud of myself.

Potato salad. Pi likes this a lot.

Somebody is going to fly a huge kite.

Kids are watching.

Pi too.

Blurry but nice.

Nice sky, going rain soon.

Let’s not forget about the red tea jelly I made too, with the instant mix I bought from Daiso. Not bad.

I brought stuffs to play with.

Tadaa! Gonna frame this up.


Evening shot.


– – – – –

We went in the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, it’s my first time.

Pi loves doing weird poses in photos.

Old old newspapers.

“I’m watching…”

My head could almost fit in that hole!

Big smile. =D

Oops. Bad aiming. I like the lighting here.

Here’s a more proper picture.

Branches over the head.

Pi playing with the features inside the gallery.

The thin layer of water is so still and I thought it was just acrylic, I even tried touching it.

Inside Gallery 4. There’s a barrage model demonstrating how the Marina Barrage works.


Dam opens up and letting water out.

Gallery 5.

We’re at Ang Mo Kio.

Then in Yishun. Okay, lameeee.

You see us inside?

Pass the Central Courtyard.

Nice view of MBS from here.

That’s a very long kite.

Mother Nature.

Pi is washing is feet. Haha!

At the water playground.


Washing his feet again. =P

Putting our feet out to dry.

He’s got special powers.

To the Marina Bridge.

View from the bridge.

Loads of pictures of us again.

Haha! Here’s a funny video.

Another nice view of MBS.

Never find anyone quite like us.

Prepared a farewell gift for Rachel, it’s going to be a surprise for her as we’re all acting busy with photoshoot.

Farewell card done by Mindy and we have all written our messages for her.


My message to her.

Back to office and we took pictures with Rachel.

They needed Mindy to help with the shutter button. Hahaha!

Then we left office to Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant, pretending that we have to go City Square Mall for the next photoshoot and Rachel think that we really had to end it that way without any farewell meal with her.


Before I start my meal, I have to prepare my gastric.

Teddy beside me, waiting for his meal.


Rachel sure was surprised when she saw us.

Seafood Mee Sua.

Hotplate Tofu.

Prawn Paste Chicken.

Sambal French Beans.

Black Pepper Crab.

Chilli Crab.

Fried Mantous.

Deer Meat with Spring Onion and Ginger.

The funny teacher and tu-di combo.

Gifts for her!

Goodluck to you~

We even packed herbal tea inside the case for Rachel, too much heaty food, so she must drink more hearbal tea to clear all that heatiness. PS. she carried both bottles of herbal tea back herself. Mwahahaha!

Bye, we’ll miss you!

Sweet creamy glaze.

It’s the terrorist teddy! *Screams*
Or is it the South African?

It has a spear – satay stiick with rice dumpling string which Pi eat already but never throw.

Add ons in progress.


These are not let off too.

– – – – –

We made a trip to Icing Room at 313 Somerset, since I have the coupon which I bought from groupon, only $9.90.

Here’s the plain white cake.

Our icing.

I got mint coloured cream!

Decorating in progress.

The part I love most! Don’t you think it looks like Pi is holding my hands and bringing me to wherever he goes? Aww~


Close up.

Must feature the side too! A field of flowers.

Must take picture with the cake.

Proud of our work. =)

Dinner time at Central Hong Kong Cafe! Saving the cake for breakfast the next day.

This is what we saw on the menu and thus decided to dine in. Layers of tofu with pork floss, thumbs up! Easy to do, shall try making it myself.

Pan fried chee cheong fun, drizzled with sweet sauce and peanut butter sauce. Peanut butter sauce? But it tastes really not bad at all.

Trishaw noodle, a little bit spicy. I like the curry fish balls. Haha!

More try outs.

Tried something new for lunch. Rock n Ash, basement of Square 2.


Fries with Power Gralic Mayo, not bad but the fries are not crispy.

Grilled Chicken Burger.

Minty Yogurt Lamb Burger, meat patty a little dry.

Grilled Fiish with Wasabi Sauce, serving is miserable and the sauce is just wasabi mayo.

I think Pi’s teddy bear musuem is expanding over to my area.

“Dao Xiao Mian” at 313 Somerset. Yummy but the serving was too huge for me to finish.

Hokkien Mee, thumbs up!~