The focus is the food.

Finally tried the nasi lemak at Nasi Lemak Kukus! The last time we came, it was closed and they are closed every Mondays. We always pass by this place on the way home from work and it looks just too interesting with the word ‘kukus’.

So why kukus?
Kukus: ku*kus (noun)- used in description of a traditional method of steam cooking rice.

It is ala carte, so you just have to take anything you want from the counter and make payment at the cashier.

Pretty drinks dispenser.

Ice Lemon Tea with Mint Leaves is very refreshing, I can’t remember how much it cost already.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee, $2.

We had the $4 standard meal which consists of 1 chicken wing, 1 ikan kuning, egg and ikan bilis. The chicken wing was crispily fried with spices, I even packed a few home for my family.

I don’t know why, I just love that smile on his face. =)

Coffee done dripping.

Hmm… Where did all the coffee go?

Fragrant! If you want iced coffee, you just have to pour it over to the other glass filled with ice.

All gone! I know I couldn’t finish all the rice and so I only took what I need, no wasted food.

Full and having a hard time with my drink.

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