We’re looking for something dumb to do.

Accompanied my sister at her workplace – SUPERMAMA, since it’s going to be a really nice and quiet place to study.

Pet caterpillar in store.

Vintage chalkboard.

I liked the stool too.

Don’t be curious, it is just crayons inside the box.

Plants in handmade pots.

This place looks really relaxing.

Ceiling fan switches but there’s no ceiling fans here.

Doors as tabletops.

Knobs and hinges still on.

Pretty stool.

I was served a pot of tea for ‘tea-tasting’. By the way this place is not a cafe or bistro, it is a designer concept store.

You see the gold? Tea with gold powder, has already stopped production.

Watch the gold powder floating around.



The most affordable item around, only $1. The rest of the items are priced at 3 digits. Hahaha!

30A Seah Street
Singapore 188368

Do lookout for their sign beside the staircase, it’s quite easy to miss. Haha!

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