Hard on the outside, soft inside.

I just wanted to clear some emails in office today and then go home but it never seemed to be possible for me to not stay till lunch. Work just comes non-stop.

Lunched at Marutama Ramen.

Potato salad, nothing special.

Daikon Tamago. I think I can make better tamago.

Char Siew rice, very small bowl but enough to fill a lady’s stomach.

Gyozas, nothing much to boast about.

Stewed meat, kind of tough this time.

Aka Ramen, soup base is made of seven kinds of nuts. It’s thicker than the usual chicken broth which I think is too salty for mmy taste buds. The Ajituke Tamago is still wonderful. =)

I should have taken half day off instead, it’s not like the HR will refund me. They are very stingy people.

Bao Zi miss me, I mean my boyfriend miss me. Hahaha!

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