Wake up and open your eyes, wake up walk out tonight.

Baozi say good morning, it stole my iPhone! (Pi did that.)

Off to Johor with Pi and his friends. Weeee~ It’s going to be fun!

First stop: Lunch.

I’m waiting.

Still waiting.

Fried fritters and preserved vegetables.

Pig trotters.

Sesame chicken.

Just a pot of tau kee and mushrooms.

Stewed tofu.

Nah, I will never finish my bowl of plain rice.

Prized possession of the day! Got it from KSL shopping center.

Topless 5 at Swensen’s.

The spoons look pretty when they sparkle.

Bowling in Pelangi Leisure Mall. Shoes so strikingly colourful.

Even the bowling balls are in bright colours too.

I’m the last. Haha! The bowling balls are too heavy, I even strained my muscles. =P

Dinner time!

Pretty blue sky.

Fruit rojak.

BBQ chicken wings.

Curry chicken noodle.

Wanton soup. *slurp!*

Penang fried kway teow, not bad.

The grilled fish Pi loves, he can’t stop clearing even single bit of flesh off the bones.

Affordable feast!


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