When I’m with you the time just goes. USS trip!

Don’t have to guess where I went to, it’s big enough to be seen. Univesal Studios Singapore, don’t waste since we have the day off.

**Warning: This is a very, very image heavy post.

Big green and kind of a little evil looking bunny.

Took a few shots around the place.

Pi is still grumpy about the fact that I woke up late even when he has called me quite a few times, I didn’t wake up. -_-“

Smile, okay? Sorry Pi.


Some pictures taken at the entrance.


Lotsa plushies in the shops.


Cute vintage cars selling merchandises.

This pen soooooo cute! Didn’t get it in the end because I think it is quite expensive and fragile.

Many hollywood awards to choose from!

“Best Girlfriend” award from Pi. =P

Who said I was going to give him the “Best Boyfriend” award? I think the “Best Sweetheart” suits him loads. Haha!

There are guys singing those Classics from cartoons like Lion King.

Hear them sing!


Still a long way to go.

This video wasn’t taken on purpose but I think it’s kinda funny.


Hats too huge for my small head.

Vintage car.

Very smug Pi.

Took picture with this bird mascot, I forgot what it is called. The mascot holds u real tight when taking pictures, snuggly huh. I wonder if it’s a guy under the costume. Haha! But still… cute right?

Nice shophouses.

We went inside “Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg“.


Pi looking at the map.

There is a sign saying “No photography.” and “You might get a little wet.” What wet? I wouldn’t want my camera to die and so I kept it away.

Here’s a video taken inside by somebody else. Of course, it’s a lot better if you are inside yourself.

Pi and I was standing at the front row, we could literally feel the heat from the flames and the last part where the thing suddenly drop right in front of use, we weren’t wet at all. So lucky! the people standing beside us were wet. I think this is the best attraction out of all the rest I’ve been to.

More pictures of us.

Charlie Chaplin!

With some mascots at Sci-fi City.

Let me consider first, seriously. I haven’t been on roller coasters for a long time.

Don’t waste your effort.


Jurassic Park.



Saw Puss-in-Boots in Far Far Away but by the time I went up, the person said that it has ended. =(

Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop.

Shrek 4-D Adventure.

Inside here, you watch the screen with 3-D glasses and the seats are made to vibrate, spray water and blow air behind your neck. There was one part where Shrek saw a lot of black creepy spiders drop to the ground and I hear people screaming. I was like, “Huh? What happen?” Pi said there were leg tickling stuffs. -_-” I think I’m too short because I did not feel anything.

King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round at Madagascar.

Got a dino bottle for Pi. Fierce huh?

Waiting for Pi while he’s in the washroom.

Footie picture.

Blueberry slurpee in the Dino bottle made our tongues go blue.


Nice packaging.

Pi wanted to leave me on the huge wooden crate and walk off.

Waterworld. You’ll get really wet at certain seats, do look out for the seating notice to find out which area is dry seating.

Lots of different boats and they splash water on the audience using these boats or skis.


Late lunch at Goldilocks.



Food, $20.60 for all this. I think KFC serves better food.

Pi is not feeling well, having slight fever already. Aww~ He has been quiet for most of the day and not singing whenever he likes. Miss the hyper Pi. Gave him panadols and asked him to rest until he feels okay to leave.

Pretty lampposts.

Watched Puss-in-Boots take pictures with tourists right in front of me, damn cute laaa~ Hahaha!

Then Pi thinks he’s feeling better already annd we started walking around again.

Nice lamp.

There are signboard like this one around, so that you could see how long you will need to wait if you are going to queue for the attractions. Fortunately for us, it’s a weeday so now queuing needed.

Feeling much better and hungry already.

Skeletons welcomes you, just like what you see in the movie.

Cool lamppost.



At Shrek’s door.

Frog prince.


Helping mummies with the stones.

This hippo keeps going in and out of the water.

This cars reminds me of Genting, a lot.

Pi… what are you doing?

Guarding the entrance.

Comical! Hahaha!

Yes, I have already taken this ride, Human, said to be the fastest coaster.

Look at the tracks.

Be cautioned.

My experience? It wasn’t really that scary… you really wouldn’t focus on the heart dropping out part of it and I think the scarier part is when I kept thinking, “My neck is going to break anytime soon.” Can totally feel my head getting all around because the seat does not secure the upper body and I wasn’t able to keep my head to the seat. Pi keeps trying to calm me down during the whole coaster ride while he gets flung around himself too. My neck was aching the rest of the day after the ride. Sooooo glad I got down the coaster ALIVE with my head still on my neck!

Back to Sci-fi City.


Robotic arm.

Going down the subway. Nah… kidding!

Love vintage cars.

Yummeh-loooking food, all fakes anyway.

Woohoo! Mood shot.

Mr. Construction Worker.


The fresh food shop.

More hats.

I totally can’t see anything.

More cars.

We watched the Monster Rock musical, it was quite funny and Pi was feeling all well after that.

It was getting late and time for us to leave.

Valentine’s gift! A bracelet from Paris Bijoux.

“Love U

Thank you, Pi. Thanks for everything and most importantly for being so ever patient with me and my bad-temper.

Walked a little around Resorts World.


Bought this for Sarah, it’s quite funny.

Inside Resort World.

Yummy yogurt drink.

Out we go and we are going to Vivo via the Sentosa Broadwalk.

Nice lights.

Pi made me take pictures with the different colour lights.

Nice view from the broadwalk.

Okay! Long posts makes me sleepy. Tadaa!

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