Ohhh, Oh woah, Be my Valentine.

After a good long sleep, Pi and I went out for some fun! Guess where are we?

There’s lots of weird stuffs around.

I’m sure you will kind of recognise this place if you came here during your Primary and Secondary school days.

That’s something really interesting that I wanted to play with but that gentleman right there is not leaving.

Okay, we’re at the Science Center for the Crime Scene Investigation Exhibition.

Here’s our first report which we have to investigate on.

Watching the video attentively…

At the first crime scene.

Pi filling in the details on the report.

Yes, very detailed. Pass!

I’m an investigator!

The exhibition is kind of boring, we don’t get to do any hands on like getting finger prints or the DNAs. All they provided were computers and talk about what they will check for, then proceed to ask u to match the fingerprints or DNAs. Spoil the fun.

Autopsy. Part of the answer is given at the side of the room, just copy.

I want my cert, where’s the person?

Cute legos. Why are they here?

Crime scene. Do not cross.

Glad Pi paid the extra buck to tour around the Science Center, which is a lot more fun.

Burning some chemicals.

Different chemicals emit different colour flames when burned.

Running bunnies! okay, this one is not running, scroll down for the short video.


“Cheena” looking girl robot.

Out at the park. The ropes smell gross, fun but please remember to wash your hands after that.

Stop by at Mcdonald’s for a snack, there’s a lot of old toys displayed! I have some of them.

Shopped at IMM a little since we’re already at Jurong, even though there isn’t really much things to shop for.

Footy pic.

Dined at Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room.

Front: Watercress with Honey. Back: Honey Lemon.

Bean sauce pork rib rice, $6.50.

Pork porridge, $5.80. The porridge is smooth and delicious, not too salty.

Hahahaha! =P

Psst. Here’s a little something – Pi’s desktop wallpaper. Hehe.

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