On the third day of CNY, my true love sent to me…

Guess where I’m going with Pi?

River Hong Bao! Seriously this is my first experience, shh… don’t tell anybody I’m a Singaporean. Hahaha!

There’s lots of funfair games. The kids in the balls, I have no idea whether if they can breathe inside.

Ducky fishing, no nice rabbits to win and so we left the place.

Look! Pinnacles @ Duxton, mini version.

Marina Barrage.

Colourful lanterns.


Making me smile.

This works just fine. Hehe.

That’s the dizzy thing.

Off to another area.

Big bunny.

Making our wish by using our coins to hit the bells.

They sure earn quite a bit.

More coins, more! Okay, I didn’t manage to hit any bells.

That’s the god of wealth and it sprays pieces of numbered glitters once in a while.

Everyone crowd around trying to catch hold of some 4D numbers.

We decided to pick some from the ground instead.


Specialties from Nanjing.

Have to buy these coupons first before we can get food from the stalls.

They have weird things, such as duck feet or duck tongue. Okay, I’m definitely not getting any of them.

This is like the only snack left. There’s a long queue so it must be yummy.

It’s called, Guo Gai (锅盖).

The most surprising part watching the chef prepare the snack is when he starts putting all of them under the pan!

Very cool, eh?

That’s mine!

Omm nom nom… There’s some kind of spice inside, a little salt and sesame. Kind of difficult to describe.


Happy Rabbit Year with Many Returns!

Foodcourt at Singapore Flyer with vintage concept. Lovely! *eyes sparkle*

Mint water bottle.

I have my Popeye fries.

And Pi has his newspaper.

Sat outside, along the river with a nice view of MBS.

Singapore Flyer behind.

We chatted for quite long, totally didn’t look at the time. Oops! Hahaha! Concuss in the bus while on the way back to Pi’s home. =P