You took my hand, you showed me how.

Boyfriend made this blog header for me! Have been wanting to change the header for a long time but didn’t have time to do it.


I know I haven’t been updating my blog for quite some time. I need time to edit that huge amount of pictures and I don’t have much time nowadays. Oh well, I shall take my own sweet time to update. Tadaaz!

Wake up and open your eyes, wake up walk out tonight.

Baozi say good morning, it stole my iPhone! (Pi did that.)

Off to Johor with Pi and his friends. Weeee~ It’s going to be fun!

First stop: Lunch.

I’m waiting.

Still waiting.

Fried fritters and preserved vegetables.

Pig trotters.

Sesame chicken.

Just a pot of tau kee and mushrooms.

Stewed tofu.

Nah, I will never finish my bowl of plain rice.

Prized possession of the day! Got it from KSL shopping center.

Topless 5 at Swensen’s.

The spoons look pretty when they sparkle.

Bowling in Pelangi Leisure Mall. Shoes so strikingly colourful.

Even the bowling balls are in bright colours too.

I’m the last. Haha! The bowling balls are too heavy, I even strained my muscles. =P

Dinner time!

Pretty blue sky.

Fruit rojak.

BBQ chicken wings.

Curry chicken noodle.

Wanton soup. *slurp!*

Penang fried kway teow, not bad.

The grilled fish Pi loves, he can’t stop clearing even single bit of flesh off the bones.

Affordable feast!


LainLain’s Wedding Day!

All of us had to make our way to JB to attend her wedding. Took a cab from Queen Street and it costs $55 per cab, very expensive.

This is the restaurant.

Our table.

Cute wedding gift box.

The stage over there.

Lights. Haha! Don’t ask me why I even bother to post them here.

Cold Dish. Big scallops and the salad looking thing in front tastes like asam laksa.

Hakka Seafood Peng Cai, even though I know very well that Hakkas don’t serve seafood. Haha! Hakkas don’t live anywhere near the sea. By the way, the fish maw was very good, I never liked fish maw and the cabbage was stewed till soft and smooth. Ahhh~ I’m drooling right now.

Roast Pig. Didn’t eat much of it, fattening and very full due to the Peng Cai.

There was a dish of Fried Codfish, I tell you… that was very heavenly too, I was very full but I still managed to finish the fish. I could just go back there to just eat the codfish.

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice, not bad too, I find the meat dry. I’m very full already anyway. Haha!

Coconut Pudding. I like coconut juice but I never like desserts with cocnuts in them because old coconuts are always used in them. Old coconuts have the strong smell of coconut oil.

This turn out pretty good and easy to do actually, just cocnut juice with agar agar powder and then chill in fridge. The restaurant did not use old coconuts, thumbs up for that!

Here’s a group picture. =)

Here’s something Pi did on his page, the site is currently down for some time already. =(