You should’ve seen it in colour.

We love Wang Zhai Xiao Man Tou! Pi and I always finish one big pack in a day. =P

Tried this Taiwan snack shop at ION basement, Xiao Bar Wang.

One mee sua, tea egg, milk tea…

and a pack of crispy chicken. All for only $7, enough for 2 person.

Pi got us a bar of Royce. Me loves chocolates!

A mint headband and a bunny ring for the new year.

Multi-colour pen with mechanical pencil from Muji, now I just need to this pen around wherever I go. =)

– – – – –

Experienced an episode of visual migraine after having our dessert at McDonald’s.

During the whole time I keep trying to explain to Pi what was happening, think it kind of scared him too.

“I think I’m seeing double”
“it’s only at one spot, just like you take picture with flash then the flash stays there.”
“Must be cause it’s too bright in McDonald’s and my eyes are tired.”

We leave Mac.

“It’s spreading and getting bigger”
“Very colourful, like rainbow and then it keeps flashing or blinking. Kind of like a lot of star shaped things.”
“I’m dizzy. Left view totally distorted and still colourful.”

Pi did a little googling and found that it was visual migraine.

To have a better understanding of how I felt during the whole time, click the start button and watch the clip below.

How is it possoble for me not to freak out? I have never experienced a part visual distortion before and such a colourful one too. Took about 30 mins to slowly spread bigger and then outwards before it disappears. I’m was very glad Pi was with me the whole time.

Migraine followed not long after, had to pop some panadols and Pi made sure I was sleeping alright. 对不起,让你担心了.

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