Me and you with a new beginning, one and one made two.

My first time trying ‘i taimei‘, tucked behind Bugis Street. The menu is special with the cutlets and other items naamed after popular Taiwan singers, like S.H.E or Rainie Yang.

Waiting for our chicken cutlet to be prepared.

The serving isn’t a lot, I still prefer Long Ge though.

After a little shopping and Pi even kindly paid for my dress, we settled down for dinner at Taste of Hong Kong, Illuma.

Table 46.

Double boiled ginseng and chicken soup, $5. Not bad.

Baked salmon spaghetti with Portugese sauce, $10.90. The sauce tasted a little weird but the salmon is nice.

Sizzlling smoked duck meat with stir fried nissin noodle, $7.90. Delicious with fresh cabbage but very oily.

Labi n’ Pipi. =P

The funniest thing that happen when we met, we wore the same colour combination which we were totally unaware of. Hahaha! Plus, this isn’t our first time.

He’s trying to copy the advertisement at the MRT station which Kaneshiro Takeshi (金城武) is in. You can see a sample of the advertisement at the back of the picture above.