It just keeps getting better.

Birthday girl isn’t feeling well and so we ended up at Northpoint, Xin Wang.

Pork chop with french fries.

Papaya soup mee sua.

Noodles with spicy pork dices.

Noodles with luncheon meat and egg.

Then it was finally time for us to act as planned, we give the birthday girl her ‘present’ which was a River Island bag she said she wanted. We naughtily gave her my bag which I got from River Island too.

Said her bag is already out of stock, we couldn’t find it and look at how disappointed she is. Hahaha! Kept saying she should have gotten it the other day when she was there.

Luckliy, we didn’t tell Helen about our plans, if not she would have spoilt the whole thing. In fact, it was better as she could play along making it sound real.

Helen asks Shuhui for the picture of the bag she wanted.

“Helen, see the picture not clear enough, we show you the real thing.” Bwahahaha!

See. From disappointed to happy.

Smiling already.

Moved over to Bakerzin for the birthday cake ceremony.

Happy Birthday!

Ordered a Tiramisu.

My last X’mas present, from Wenqing.

Took pictures while Helen is busy eating away.

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