Say everything you’ve always wanted, be not afraid of who you really are.

First meal in 2011, Teochew porridge near boyfriend’s house. Yums!

Late night dinner cum supper with boyfriend! Roast black pepper chicken from NTUC.

Had my first cup of Gong Cha in 2011! Oh, Gong Cha is now at AMK Jubilee, it is so near boyfriend’s house. I hope they come to Yishun soon, Chong Pang please!

5 New Year Resolutions:

1. Graduate and get my degree.
Simply can’t wait for it to be over, I dread going to school. Seriously.

2. Have more patience.
Getting better year by year and still working on it. I know I’m still pretty short tempered with some things but please do have some patience with me too? Hehe.

3. Save more money.
I want to go on a holiday! Damn, school fees.

4. Gain and improve myself much more, in terms of knowledge and communication wise.
Through real life experience, like I said, ‘I don’t like books’. What’s the use of memorising if you apply it?

5. Stay positive and happy.
It’s a cruel fact that I’m born with an ‘unfriendly’ face. (LOL. Just kidding.) Okay, I need to prevent wrinkles from growing on my face.