Boom³. Even brighter than the moon³.

It’s New Year Eve and we’re already in the holiday mood, had lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Shared a Strawberry Ice with boyfriend.

Noodles with pork cubes aka ‘ba ding’. I had a ‘Nan Ru’ pork cutlet ramen, the cutlet is yummy but noodles look plain.

Went Central after work and I saw bunnies and bears.

Oh-so-cute that bunny!


The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland should be white, not grey.

Dinner at Mr. Curry, my first time here even though it has been opened for a long time. Sister has been telling me it’s good.


The bulbs look pretty but not very useful.


Making his choice.

My iPhone with its new casing from my Sister, her phone got stolen so the cases are useless to her already.

Observing his Forex.

Eh! Don’t anyhow point finger.

So girlish. Hehe.

Polka dot top.

I don’t act cute!

Pretty purses.

Soloman’s keep this time

Mango float, $4.80. It’s like mango juice mixed with soda, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Not nice.

Calpris Soda, $2.80. Not bad.

Don’t play, food is here.

Chicken Curry Rice, $10.80.

Chicken and Mushroom Omelette Rice, $12.80. Curry sauce comes separately, so I have to pour the curry over myself.

Sat down at the steps in front of Central, everyone else is seated and facing Clarke Quay and we thought maybe that side got fireworks.

Took pictures!

Then we heard fireworks coming from behind Central. -_-“

This is what we only manage to see at first.

Then we walked really fast all the way to the back until we’re in the middle of the road, managed to get a good view. *grins*

Drivers stop and get down their cars to watch too.

Literally in the middle of the road.

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