There’s only one thing to do, three words for you.

Here we are celebrating boyfriend’s birthday at United Square, Swensens.

That’s my boy in the new top I bought for him. =)

Sarah very focused with Ris Low’s new video.

Ordered the all day breakfast.

And it comes with 2 drinks. O_o

All the food is served and we start digging in.

Caesar salad.

Waiting for the Earthquake after our main courses.

He’s not sure what’s going on next.

Sarah shows off her earrings while we wait.

Surprise! We start singing his birthday real loud in the restaurant, made him feel embarassed. Hehe.

Make your wish.

The earthquake that’s a special birrthday cake this time.


Making us kiss as become part of their entertainment.

How is it even possible to defy their orders? Just look at all those cameras, pure entertainment.

One on the cheeks.

Then the smooch.

Serving ice-cream.

Having a game of ‘Ice-Cream Snatching’, boyfriend won because he took the whole bowl away. Cheater!

After quite a few rounds of ice-cream snatching, the different flavors kind of got mixed up and Jen got a little teeny bit irritated, she might as well mix everything up.

Off we go to Illuma after work, shared a yogurt at Berrylite.

Took Polaroids.

One for you, one for me.

Yeah! I’ve been together with boyfriend the whole day, full 24-hrs or even more than that. Hehe. =P

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