La foi de la loi.

The blog is going to take a while longer to load as this an image heavy post.

Firstly, I have to thank these lovelies for their presents! Thanks, Mrs Lim aka Kat for making me prettier.

Christine for the photo frames.

Mindy, the kawaii clothes peg.

Jen and Nadine for the signage.

Sarah, the panda case.

In couple shirts with boyfriend, totally not expected but quite funny. Haha!

Mindy has the small Santa hat while I have the big one.

Time to start preparation works for the X’mas party, I’m cutting up the turkey.

While Kat slices the ham. Don’t worry about those garbage bags, there’s no garbage inside.

Even boyfriend joins in and helps too.

Kat looks very focused in this picture.

Fierce people. Haha!

The other girls heat up the food.

Washing up.

Gifts ready for exchange during the party.

There’s also 3 logcakes.


Chicken wings.

Curry puffs.

And panettone. It’s just weird, how I much like having panettone and hate having mixed fruit cakes.

Getting all sliced up.

Kat slicing panettone happily. (P.S. that was an act.)

Ryan giving his speech before all of us start eating.

A lot of food snatching activity going on. I usually let the florists start first and part of the last few persons to take food, which eventually there isn’t much food left for us.

Sarah delivers pizza.

Me having a small slice of pizza.

Boyfriend, the photographer.

The gift exchange starts.
Me: “I hope somebody actually wants this thing from me.”

Us with our presents, mine somehow got lost after that.

After a short short nap at boyfriend’s house, we went to Mount Faber where there isn’t any Christmas crowd and up we go to The Jewel Box. There is going to be a Snow Show tonight.

Here comes the ‘Snow’, I mean foam.

Foam landing all over me.

A picture with the skinny Santa Claus.

You see a ‘Snowstorm’ here?

Did you just come out from the shower?

See. Not very crowded huh.

J for Jewel.

The cable car area.

Hehehe. =P

Mount Faber’s tall Christmas tree, I took pictures and made it animate.

Boyfriend and me.

Trying to make it look like he’s holding on the the Christmas tree.

Foamy floor.

We went inside the Jewel Box store, there’s a Christmas tree decorated with everything fancy.

Sliver teddy.

Stars don’t have to be at the top of the tree.

This little Santa is cute!


Loads of teddies.

We’re in the mirrors.

Going up the steps.

View from the top of Mount Faber.

I think taking pictures at the spiral staircase looks real nice.

Took more pictures with boyfriend.

Balls and crystals hanging down.

Starry looking lights.

Shhh… The Christmas tree is sleeping.

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