Hate the way they cheat.

Daddy showed me green earthworms! Green! Must be because Daddy has been keeping them in water instead of soil.

Still quite a special find, isn’t it?

Oops, got them tangled up.

Teochew porridge at The Oasis, wanted to try since the reviews are not bad.

Longan drink, $4.50. Got a lot of longans.

Hot tea.

Appetizers, I think $3 for these and hot tea. The preserved vegetable is quite crunchy.

Cai Poh Omelette, $5

Claypot beancurd, $8. The tofu is quite nice.

They serve a tub of porridge to each table, you can refill your bowl as much as you like.

There’s no way I can finish all of that. Okay, I think $3 for this tub.

$32 for 2 person, which is quite expensive with all that GST and service charge, I do feel kind of cheated even though I did not pay for it. Boyfriend keeps calling me a ‘败家女’ after dinner. =(

Boyfriend is on my iPhone game again.

Plock. Trying to break my record.

I bought these Golden Village Movie Money for only $3 each from Insing, I just have to exchange the coupons for real movie tickets at no additional cost! Yeah! To cheap movie!

Hello Stranger. A really nice movie, highly recommended by me. Although it’s Thai but it is like a Korean movie because it is shot in Korea. Thumbs up.

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