A date with the prawns.

Prawning with boyfriend’s friends, they cancelled their soccer and decided to have a date with the prawns instead. Joined them even though I have an exam on Friday. Hehe.

Boyfriend’s friends, all very engrossed with prawning.

We shared a rod.

We’ve got a lot of them! Total 28 prawns, including 1 caught by boyfriend with his bare hands, the prawn swam and stop right beside our net. Haha!

He always want to bite me. Vampire.

Oh! He’s got one, he’s got one.

Prawn trying to escape.

This is so funny, totally have no idea we were making the same faces. Haha!

Then it starts to get boring, the prawns are not eating our baits.

We keep waiting…

And waiting, until the time is up.

Got to fetch our net.

Look. Prawns! I’m famished.

Uncle helps us to wash and skewer the prawns.


Then you sprinkle salt (provided) on them, even better if you can bring your own butter and other spices.

I’m sorry but you have to go onto that BBQ pit right there, just because I’m hungry.

Spread the butter, add the salt and keep turning them.

Sizzle. Sizzle.

Almost ready. *drools*

Second net, 65 prawns inside. My turn to skewer the prawns while boyfriend removes their claws.

BBQ-ed and ready to eat.

Yums! We’re all cholesterol filled.