Step into my ride.

Boyfriend is starting to get addicted to my iPhone. Look, he’s at it again.

This time, it’s not Doodle Find, he’s playing with a new photography app.

His creation. Hahahaa!

I could only play with my camera.

At MBS again! Ode to Art has got very interesting pieces of art.

Just take a look at all that detailing.

A smalll version.

A big one. Don’t worry, it’s not smelly in here.

We’re actually here for the BMW World held at MBS.

My pass. We did pre-register, I mean why don’t have my name on the card? Then I register for what?

They chop a smiley face on my hand. Err… Why no BMW chop?

MBS expo. Look at that crowd.

Mini BMW.

Ahhh. These red BMWs are gorgeous!

Future BMW.


They have bikes too.


More minis! Cute.

Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay. The black fried carrot cake was pretty good.

Boyfriend says the chicken rice from the Malay stall not nice, not what he expected but the rice is nice. Haha.

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