You’re riding on a shooting star with a smile upon your face.

Guerlain is back from China to visit, met her after work together with Shufen and Esther.

Dined at Marche, interior still as cosy as ever. My last visit to Marche was years ago at Heeren.

We ordered a lot of food to share, I think it’s too much for all of us.

Fried calamari.

Rosti with sour cream and sausage.

Baked pasta.

Stirred fried vegetables.

Cream of mushroom.

Grilled sausages.

Parma ham pizza.

Keep taking pictures…

Me with Guerlain.

Esther and Guerlain.

Shufen and Guerlain, like some advertisement shoot.

All of us.

Shufen and me.

We shared 2 bottles of root beer.

Must have some dessert befoore we leave, even though we’re really full to the max.

Chocolate fudge cake.