If you say that you are mine, I’ll be here till the end of time.

There was a Teddy Bear Show at The Arts House.

What! No photography!? Tsk. Don’t care.

Red carpet staircase.

Feel cheated by the Teddy Bear Show, the place was very very small and there isn’t much special things to see. What a disappointment.

Walk around The Arts House instead.

You and me.

Boyfriend emo-ing.

Lamppost in the house.


Secretly add this in. =P

You look at me, I look at you.


My wrist looks thin.

Me like this picture, so arty.


Love you too.


Dinner at Shokudo, it’s my first time here even though it is already opened for such a long time. Haha!

Potato salad.

Matcha drink, very refreshing.

Why must cover face while you eat?

Rosti with Japanese curry. Think Marche serves better rosti.

Garlic and chicken omu fried rice. Yum!


I heart you.

My puffy boy.

Yes, yes. I know that. =P

Covering his face again.

I poke!

He stabs my hand with a steak knife! o.O

Walked over to Bugis, Illuma.

At Arcadia again and look… the pandas are telling me something.

“Bring me home.”

We’re going to only give it just one try.

Mission fail.

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